b'Blackline Group is affiliated with other professional services consulting firms thatcan provide significant additional capabilities and value to your project team.International Facilities Group, LLC (IFG)IFG provides owners representation and project management services primarily in the sports related venue space.Their portfolio of projects ranges from community recreation centers to professional arenas and stadiums as well as mixed use projects that include a sports component.Over the past 20 years IFG has played a role in the delivery of many of the new generation of professional baseball and basketball facilities across the country.For more about IFG please go to ifgroup.cc.A F F I L I A T E D C O M P A N I E SVieste, LLC (Vieste)Vieste provides consulting and program management services to public privatepartnerships (PPPs) and specializes in developing creative financing strategieswhich leverage the opportunities that public sector projects present. Viestesprojects are typically in markets where PPPs can represent a viable anddesirable financing and delivery structure including residential, hospitality,education, healthcare, retail, museum, energy and transportation. Viestes seniormanagement has also developed relationships with capital partners that facilitateprivate side financing options and enables them to offer turnkey developmentservices in appropriate situations. For more about Vieste please go toviestellc.com.'