b'We are different.Heres why:Wearefocusedontheproduct.WehavemanagedthedesignandThe Principal you know and trust does the work. Our Principals manage projects directly and are involved in all the day to day details, construction process hundreds of times and know that bringing projectsso your primary contact at Blackline Group is the person responsible for the results.Our staff of supporting Project Managers are all in on time and on budget is an expectation, not an accomplishment.Thatsseasoned professionals with extensive hospitality design and construction experience that are specifically selected for your project. why we drive getting you the best possible product while still meeting yourThere is never a need to wonder if the right Project Manager is going to be assigned to your project. projectbudgetandschedulecriteria.Weknowhotels,andunderstandwhere value engineering affects product quality and/or operations andYou will enjoy working with us. The design and construction business is complex, challenging and capital intensive.Managing where it doesnt.We will guide the design process to ensure the vision youthat process effectively takes the right blend of skills; understanding the underlying business, ability to evaluate and envision have for your hotel is realized beyond your expectations. improvements to a property, design savvy, technical knowledge, tough negotiating skills, organizational efficiency and most of alleffective communication skills. There are inevitably challenges that occur in the course of any project and how effectively those are We are design professionals who also understand business. The Principalsaddressed is a key measure of the value we bring you.We pride ourselves on our ability to execute on our assignments no matter and project managers at Blackline Group are architects and engineers withthe difficulty or complexity and at the same time build a relationship of trust and partnership with you that will be personal, collegial backgrounds in business management and extensive experience workingand professional.on the Owners side.We understand and can offer solutions to the technical issues that inevitably arise during a project, while always keeping our eyes on your overarching business goals to be sure that the product delivered will facilitate financial success.We know brands and operations. Our experience working in operations on the brand side provides us with valuable insight on how product design can impact efficiency and guest satisfaction, so we know where the greatest opportunities are for return on investment.We have also been responsible forthedevelopmentandenforcementofbrandstandardrequirements and understand how they can be negotiated and implemented effectively.Consequently we can help ensure that the scope of work required for any project is appropriate but not excessive.W H A T M A K E S U S D I F F E R E N T'