b'W H A T M A K E S U S D I F F E R E N TWe are different. Heres why:We are focused on the product. We have managed the design andconstruction process hundreds of times and know that bringing projects inon time and on budget is an expectation, not an accomplishment. Thatswhy we drive getting you the best possible product while still meeting yourproject budget and schedule criteria. We know hotels, and understandwhere value engineering affects product quality and/or operations andwhere it doesnt. We will make sure that the product delivered is first ratein all regards. At the end of the day, you are investing in a vision for yourhotel and we will ensure that the realization of that vision exceeds yourexpectations.We are design professionals who also understand business. The Principals ofBlackline Group are registered architects with backgrounds in businessmanagement and extensive experience working on the Owners side. Weunderstand and can offer solutions to the technical issues that inevitablyarise during a project, while always keeping our eyes on your overarchingbusiness goals to be sure that the product delivered will facilitate financialsuccess.We know brands and operations. Our experience working in operations on thebrand side provides us with valuable insight on how product design canimpact efficiency and guest satisfaction, so we know where the greatestopportunities are for return on investment. We have also been responsiblefor the development and enforcement of brand standard requirements andunderstand how they can be negotiated and implemented effectively.Consequently we can help ensure that the scope of work required for anyproject is appropriate but not excessive.'